Providing Reliable Service

Our Commitment to Reliability

From providing energy for customers’ homes and businesses to responding when severe weather hits, maintaining reliable service is an integral part of what we do every day. In fact, we keep the lights on 99.9% of the time! 

We maintain and monitor the grid, ensuring you have the energy you need every hour of every day when you flip that switch. We also plan for the future to make sure your energy stays safe, reliable, affordable, and clean for generations to come.


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We have a proactive plan of scheduled maintenance and inspections to help ensure safe, reliable service.

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From forests to neighborhoods, we manage vegetation to help prevent outages caused by trees in lines.

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We plan for the future, looking out 20 years to ensure your energy stays reliable and affordable as our region grows.

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We are investing in transmission projects like Boardman to Hemingway to help move clean energy throughout the region.

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We maintain thousands of miles of power lines and hundreds of substations to serve our 24,000 square mile service area.

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We constantly improve our system and are replacing aging underground power lines with more modern, reliable lines.

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Here When You Need Us

Reliability is at the heart of everything we do. We know how important it is to keep you connected, and we take pride in supporting our customers and communities when and where they need us.

Of course we can’t prevent all outages. And sometimes, like in the case of extreme weather, outages can last for hours or even days. Make sure you are prepared for an outage and sign up for outage alerts through My Account so you can get updates when you need them.