Reflective Roof Treatment


Reflective roof coatings provide a uniform membrane that helps protect and preserve the underlying roof system. They are typically applied by spraying or roller application with additional fiber reinforcement around the flashings, roof penetrations, hatches and other rooftop equipment.

Benefits of reflective roof treatments include:

  • Reduced energy use: Reflective roof coatings help lower roof temperatures and energy use requirements during daytime hours, reducing the load on the HVAC system.
  • Increased roof life: A highly reflective roof coating provides UV protection for your roof. It reduces heat transfer into the building, decreasing thermal expansion and contraction of the roof membrane and adding years to your roof while reducing maintenance costs. Reflective roof treatments can help extend your roof life up to 10 years.
  • Cost-effective: Roof coating systems are easier and quicker to apply and less expensive than installing a new roofing system. They are applied directly on top of your existing roofing system, so they don’t require the amount of labor and materials that comes with a new roof installation.


An incentive of $0.05 per ft2 of roof area is available for retrofits and new construction through Idaho Power’s Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program, when applied to the roof above a space with mechanical air conditioning.


Reflective roof treatment can be very affordable, with energy savings ranging from 7-15% of total cooling costs. Like all roofing projects, costs can vary depending on multiple factors including roof size, location, climate, and ease of roof access. Some projects have very low installation costs while the associated energy savings provide a great incentive for building owners. Payback periods can be immediate.