Hells Canyon Wi-Fi Monitors

Instructions for Accessing Idaho Power’s Hells Canyon Wi-Fi Flow Monitoring System

Printable Wi-Fi Instructions

Wi-Fi enabled flow monitors are now available at the Hells Canyon Visitors Center, Johnson Bar, Pittsburg Landing, Cache Creek and Heller Bar. The Wi-Fi signal originates from the stationary flow monitors at these locations, except Johnson Bar which has only a Wi-Fi flow monitor. Users should be able to detect the signal up to half a mile from the flow monitor location. Signal strength depends on the terrain, line of sight to the antenna, and weather conditions. Any Wi-Fi enabled device, such as a smart phone, tablet computer, or laptop computer should be able to access the river flow data. Users should keep in mind that this signal does not provide access to the Internet and is only for providing flow data in Hells Canyon. The Wi-Fi network cannot be used to send or receive emails or access other types of web-based information. Follow the procedure below to access the Wi-Fi flow data. Specifics on this process will vary from device to device.

  1. On your device, navigate to your Wi-Fi settings and turn Wi-Fi on.
  2. Check your device for available Wi-Fi networks and find the network called “IPCFlows.” Select “IPCFlows” and connect to the Wi-Fi network.
  3. Open the web browser on your device. On some devices, the browser may automatically open to the flow monitor webpage. If your browser does not default to the flow monitor page, direct your browser to edudiy.net. This Wi-Fi network has been designed so any unsecured website address will default to the flow monitor webpage.
  4. The first page of the website contains information about the data provided, its limitations and appropriate use. Read this information and make yourself familiar with the limitations of the data provided. There is also information on the travel time for flows from Hells Canyon Dam to various points on the Snake River.
  5. To access the flow data, click the “Proceed to Current Flows” link at the bottom of the Information Page. The top of the page will show past and forecasted flows at Hells Canyon Dam. The bottom of the page will contain information on the latest flow at Hells Canyon Dam, the 3-day average inflow into Brownlee, and the previous day average flow at various points on the Snake River and tributaries. Calculated flows at Johnson Bar, Pittsburg Landing, and McDuff Rapids can be viewed by scrolling through the graphs at the top of the page. Flows for Johnson Bar, Pittsburg Landing, and McDuff Rapids are calculated flows based on Hells Canyon Dam releases, routing coefficients, and travel times to each location. The calculated and forecasted flows are displayed with 20% error boundaries.
  6. Access the data at any of the Wi-Fi sites in Hells Canyon using this procedure.

For questions or comments please contact HCCFlow@IdahoPower.com.

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